These ten additional features may be available to WhatsApp users soon

Users of WhatsApp on Android, Apple iOS, Windows, and the web will soon be able to access new capabilities. These features have been found by WABetaInfo, a service that examines upcoming WhatsApp updates and features. While the majority of these features are now accessible to users in the WhatsApp beta programme, references to a few of them have been discovered in beta versions. The capabilities listed below may become available for usage with WhatsApp soon.

  1. Messages sent by group members should be able to be deleted by group administrators: A new group admin chat feature is being developed by WhatsApp. WhatsApp intends to include the capability for group administrators to delete messages sent by other group members in a later edition. WhatsApp group administrators will have the ability to remove anyone’s messages without that person’s consent. Users will be able to delete inappropriate messages and have more control over group discussions. When an admin removes a message from the group chat, users will be informed with a remark that reads, “This was deleted by an admin”.
  2. WhatsApp web/desktop requires two-factor authentication: According to reports, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is developing a new security hole for its desktop and browser clients. WhatsApp may implement two-step authentication on its desktop and web applications. For those who are unaware, two-step verification is an optional feature that increases the security of your WhatsApp account. The two-step verification PIN is distinct from the 6-digit registration code that you receive via SMS or phone call. It acts as a security mechanism to thwart unauthorised access and is necessary when you log into your WhatsApp account. Currently, you may download it from the WhatsApp mobile app.
  3. Facebook Messenger and Instagram both provide message reactions: Similar message reactions to those on Instagram and Facebook Messenger are now available on WhatsApp. This functionality enables users to reply to messages. Simply tap and hold the message you want to reply to, then drag your finger to the appropriate emoji, is all users need to do. Everyone in the group will be able to see the reaction, which will be displayed next to the text.
  4. Emojis are now able to be animated New animated heart emojis are being created by WhatsApp for users of Apple iOS and Android devices. Users are now welcomed with an animation of a beating heart when they submit a red heart emoji. According to a recent allegation from WABetaInfo, the Facebook-owned firm is attempting to expand the dynamic effect to additional emojis. As of right now, the animation effect is only available for the heart emoji.
  5. Look for a shortcut in the part with the contact details: WhatsApp intends to include a new search shortcut in the updated contact information section. There will be a new search shortcut added next to the video call icon. The group information section will also display the new shortcut. The app’s homescreen is where you can now find the search button. The feature allows you to search through any correspondence you’ve sent or received.
  6. Group chat functionality called Communities will allow administrators of groups more control: The capability is thought to enable users to create groups within groups. Similar to how several channels are joined together in a Discord community, it will function in a similar fashion. According to WABetaInfo, the sub-groups also seem to be end-to-end encrypted.
  7. Who can view your WhatsApp status might be restricted: You may manage the privacy settings for your status by using the new WhatsApp shortcut. The newly introduced shortcut is supposed to work in tandem with the upcoming updated caption bar. If users utilise the shortcut, they can change the list of persons who can see their status updates. According to WABetaInfo, the next shortcut will appear at the bottom of the screen when you click on “Status.” To quickly select the WhatsApp contacts you wish to share your money or future changes with, use the shortcut.
  8. View the uploaded pictures and videos: WhatsApp intends to give users a new preview option for shared documents. The Facebook-owned company is developing a new method to acquire a document preview when you transmit videos and photographs as documents in discussions. A document that contains an image or video must first be opened in order to be viewed. Similar to the preview that shows up when you share a PDF file as a WhatsApp document.
  9. Share the same image or video simultaneously on your status and in discussion: Whatsapp is working on a new feature that will let users share media with individual chats or groups in a single window as well as with their WhatApp status. Currently, if you want to share a single media file on your status with numerous chats, you must do so independently. As a result of the upgrade, users will be able to see a new caption view with more features. Users will be given the option to select where they want to share content when they click the camera icon in a chat, group, or status area.
  10. There is a new user interface for voice calls: The WhatsApp app window that shows during conference calls is being redesigned. The platform inserts voice waveforms for each participant during a group call. Voice waveforms are comparable to voice note waveforms. The page now looks more contemporary despite the small design changes.


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